Tips For Moving And Storing Wooden Furniture Properly

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that you move and store your wooden furniture (or other items) correctly, so that they can remain in the best condition possible, especially if they’re really heavy. The things you should do to keep your wooden items safe, are right here in this post. Just read below to find out the tips that you need to keep in mind.


–          First you need to prepare for the move by stopping your wooden furniture from beginning to split or crack. Make sure that you treat the wood a few weeks before you start packing them up.


–          You also need to remove your belongings from the furniture that you want to move or else they may shift around and cause the furniture to fall over or break.


–          Make sure that you take apart the furniture if you can. For instance, if you have a large wooden bed, you should try to disassemble it to make it easier and more safe to move.


–          Ensure that you secure the small pieces of your furniture, like the screws, hinges, knobs and more.


–          Wrap your wooden furniture in thick blankets to help protect them from any damages they may possibly get along the way.


–          Don’t suffocate the wooden furniture by wrapping it in plastic or bubble wrap, because the wood needs to breather.


–          Be very careful and strategic when packing your wooden furniture into the truck, so that you can avoid damaging your items while they on the move in the back of the truck.


–          Opt for climate controlled self-storage units to ensued that you can preserve the integrity of the furniture that you store inside them.


–          Elevate your wooden furniture while it is in storage so that it doesn’t get damaged if the storage unit gets flooded or if there is any condensation through the floor.


–          Finally, use a protective cover to place over your wooden desk or tables so that you can prevent your furniture from getting damaged while in storage.


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