Tips For Properly Storing Collectibles and Memorabilia

People have a lot of different things that they tend to feel emotionally attached to. There are a number of things, such as memorabilia, paintings, fine art, collectibles and more. However, these types of items tend to be very fragile and not quite able to stand up to various environmental conditions. There are things such as mold, mildew, water, sunlight, temperature and humidity, which will spoil or damage your possessions.


If you want to keep your collectibles and memorabilia in optimum condition, you need to do some of the following things to create the best environment to store them in.


  • Ensure that you keep your collectibles in a room with 50% humidity and at a temperature of between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Guard against moisture and mildew spores, so that they don’t ruin paper and leather-based items or corrode and rust metal items.


  • Store collectible sports memorabilia in air-tight acid-free storage boxes made for archives.


  • Be careful to protect your items from flooding and leaks.


  • Don’t store paper-based artwork or collectibles in direct sunlight.


  • Support your paintings in their frames to keep them protected and supported.


  • Store your paintings and collectibles on shelves, instead of on the floor.


  • Always check up on the items to ensure that they have not shifted and that they remain in good condition.



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