Tips For Properly Storing Your Memorabilia

We’re going to get straight to the point in this article. The longer you wait to get your memorabilia organized in your storage area, the more likely it will be to get irreversibly damaged. You don’t want that to happen, so let’s get to it.


If you want to store art, you should…

–          Store it vertically.

–          Wrap it in soft blankets or bubble wrap.

–          Store framed art the right way up so that it doesn’t slip in the frame.


If you want to store china or pottery, you should…

–          Wrap them in bubble wrap.

–          Store them in boxes, separating them with packaging so that they don’t move and cause breakage.


If you want to store vinyl records, you should…

–          Keep them stored vertically, not horizontally.

–          Store them according to their sizes. Separate your 33s from your 45s from your 78s.

–          Don’t overfill your cases or shelving, because you may damage them.


If you want to store magazine, books or comics, you should…

–          Ensure that you wrap them appropriately (most likely in bubble wrap).

–          If you aren’t wrapping them, securely pack paperback books in airtight containers so that you don’t bend or move their covers.


If you want to store toys, you should…

–          Wrap them and pack them, leaving spaces in-between them throughout the storage box or container.

–          Store collectible dolls in fabric bags or cloth before you wrap them up.

–          Avoid storing them in plastic wraps, because them may react with the doll and damage it.


If you want to store furniture, you should…

–          Use blankets to cover or wrap your furniture so that you can protect them.

–          Disassemble the pieces of furniture you can, store the smaller parts (like the screws) in a bag and keep it with the piece of furniture.


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