Tips For Storing Your Batteries At Home

Believe it or not, batteries are actually perishable. They have shelf lives and after a while they just won’t work anymore. There are ways that you can do to help keep your battery up and running. One of these things includes proper storage – your battery shouldn’t be stored in places like the freezer, no matter what your grandma told you.
Here are the tips you should actually follow when you want to store your battery and ensure that it lasts longer. Check it out:

• Keep them cool. Store then in a dry are that’s around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t store them in the freezer! They can be stored in the refrigerator, but you have to place them in a sealed plastic bag first, so you can prevent them from condensing. Do not store them somewhere that is warm because they won’t work.

• Try to keep them in the packaging that they came in.

• You don’t want to have your batteries conducting idly, so you should not store them with their positive and negative terminals together.

• Don’t store your new and old batteries together because the old ones will suck the power from the new ones and therefore shorten their lives.

• Ensure that your nickel-based batteries and your lithium batteries are stored at a charge of 40%.

• Make sure that if you have a battery-powered appliance, which you are not planning to use for about a month, you take the batteries out of it and store the batteries as recommended.

• Don’t take the plastic caps off the batteries that have them, unless you’re ready to use them.

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