Tips For Storing Your Clothes Away Properly

If you have a lot of clothes that you aren’t using right now and you need to find the right way to keep them stored away until you’re ready to use them in the future, we’ve got some tips for you. We want to show you some of the methods you should use to care for the different textures of clothing when it’s time to store them away for a while.
For Suede:
• Pre-treat with stain-resistant spray and water.
• To avoid growth of mold and mildew, don’t store in plastic dry-cleaning bags.
• Store suede accessories in tissue paper.
• Ensure that the storage place is not in direct sunlight, not too hot and not damp.

For Leather:
• Spray with conditioner and stain repellent.
• Wipe clean so that they don’t collect dust that can spoil their finished look.
• Don’t store in plastic.
• Hang on plastic hangers to keep them in shape.

For Velvet:
• Store in cool, dry, dark places so that fading or moisture-absorption doesn’t occur.
• Use velvet- or cloth-covered hangers to hang them on.
• Don’t fold, unless you want almost permanent creases in your clothing, but if you must, ensure that you use tissue between the folds.
For Cashmere and Wool:
• Don’t hang them up, unless they’re very heavy-duty pieces.
• Store in cool, dry areas, away from the direct sunlight.
• Place them in a non-plastic bag or keep them folded in a drawer.
• When storing, wrap any embellishments on the clothing, in tissue.

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