Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

Would you prefer uprooting yourself and switching residence in the scorching summer sun, or against a frosty Arctic wind?

If the latter is your choice, do not worry you are not alone. There are many people just like yourself, who would rather move in icy zero. What you choose all depends on your background and acceptance to climate.

If you would like to move during the colder months of the year be sure to add the following tips to your checklist to ensure a safe journey.

Clear Walkways, Driveways Before the Move

Whether you’re moving to or from a frigid climate, make sure that either property is shovelled and de-iced, and spread sand or salt ahead of time. You want to ensure that both you and your hired hands can move safely between your home and the moving truck.

Hire a Moving Professional

It would be a great idea to find a company that has experience in moving during extremely cold weather.

Make Sure Utilities are Turned on Before Moving Day

You should arrange for the heat and other utilities to be turned on by the time you arrive, especially if the home has been unoccupied.

Pack Temperature-Sensitive Items Carefully

The temperature inside moving trucks can get extremely low. When it gets cold, things get brittle and will break a lot easier. Harder materials, like glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic are a lot more susceptible to breaking in the cold.

There are materials that expand and contract when exposed to severe temperature changes including metal, wood, porcelain, and leather. Make use of bubble wrap and thick packing materials to protect items. Remember that your electronics need extra protection as well.

Protect Floors from Snow, Ice and Salt

When moving in and out your home, you can carry in all the sand and salt that you’ve spread over your walkways and driveway. You can lay down canvas tarps or rolls of protective film to keep your floors scuffed and damaged. Cardboard or moving blankets can be an alternative to helping prevent your floors from getting damaged.

Dress Appropriately–And Layer

Remember to wear comfortable gloves and keep your head covered. Keep blankets nearby and hot cocoa, coffee or soup on hand to help keep your body warm. It is not the most fun thing to catch a cold in this sort of weather.

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