Tips On How To Store Your Books Properly

Greetings, book-lovers! We’re here to show you the best way to store your most precious books away for just about any amount of time as you want. Pay attention so that when you’re ready to access your books, you can get them in the best condition possible. We’re going to show you what they are.


  • You need to safeguard your books from exposure to heat, light and humidity.


  • You should put books that are around the same height, together on shelves so that they don’t put uneven stress on the books spines.


  • Always shelf books upright and ensure that you don’t pack them too tightly or too loosely either.


  • Don’t store your books horizontally, but if you don’t have a choice, try to make sure you stack as little weight on it as possible.


  • Never grasp a book at the top of the spine, nor tilt it when you are removing it from the shelf.


  • You shouldn’t store your books in plastic bags, because plastic tends to trap moisture and encourage mold, pests and warping. Let the books breathe, so you can try storing them in paper bags, plain cloth, tissue or in book paper.


  • Ensure that you keep the books clean. Although you can’t stop the shelves from gathering dust, you need to ensure that you dust them and clean them and the areas that they’re stores in, periodically.



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