Tips To Help Safely Store Your Tools Away

It isn’t cheap to buy new, quality tools. That’s why taking proper care of them is just as important as buying them. You need to ensure that you can safely store your tools in a place and in a way that will keep those tools working well for you for a very long time and that can prevent them from rusting. It can save you a heap of money and it can make all of your do-it-yourself projects much more rewarding for you. Here are some tips that you can use to help your tools stay safe and sound, while in storage:


  • Store them in a place that is dry and try to avoid areas that are likely to have humidity issues. That includes areas like basements, garages and some other enclosed spaces. You can also consider investing in a dehumidifier to lower the level of dampness that is present in whatever room you choose for storage.
  • Choose to hang your gardening tools up, instead of placing them on the floor, because of the likelihood that moisture can pass through the concrete floor of your storage area and affect them.
  • Use the original, hard plastic cases they come in to store your power tools in, unless you have a workshop or storage area that is climate-controlled. That’s a great way to protect them in general and to protect them from rust as well.
  • Make use of a rust collector or of silica gel packs to help keep moisture from ruining your tools. You can place those gel packs, rust inhibitors or anti-rust liners in the boxes or drawers that you are going to be storing your tools in as well.


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