Tips To Help You Prevent Infestations Of Your Storage Unit

Storing your possessions away into a self-storage unit is a safe and smart way to keep your things organized and readily available for you. There are quite a lot more advantages to investing in renting a self-storage unit, but there are also a number or responsibilities that surround it as well.
Possible pest infestations are one of the things that you have to guard your storage unit against, so that you can continue to prevent your items for sustaining damage. You can do the following things to ensure that you don’t encourage pests to your self-storage unit.

• Make sure that the unit have a water-tight and air-tight seal, to help to keep pests from squeezing through cracks. You can seal cracks and holes on the outside of units, with silicone caulk, around utilities, pipes and holes.

• Ensure that you have the owner trim down the shrubs, bushes, trees and other plants around from the storage units. Try not to have them too close either.

• Moisture in and around the storage unit, tends to attract pests to it. Try to ensure that the areas where water may collect and stand near units is dealt with and ensure that the downspouts and gutters are working well and are directing the water away from the rainfall.

• Ensure that you get rid of any garbage in and around the area.

• Routinely inspect your storage unit for pest problems, so that you can catch them and deal with them as early as possible. You don’t want the problem to grow into a major issue for your unit.

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