If you are blessed with the gift of impeccable organization and memory, you must be superhuman, and you are now obligated to teach us your wise ways. On the other hand, if you are like the rest of us lowly human being, then you probably blunder on the side of being a bit scatter-brained – particularly when you are overwhelmed with stressful and time-consuming life events such as moving.

Most of us have been in that face-palm predicament where you are unpacking your things, and you realize that you have forgotten a crucial item. Do not fear, though; we have survived enough moves and had so many of these after-the-fact moments that it is now quite easy for us to identify the exact items to remember to pack before you move.

Household Tools

Hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures and flashlights are what we are talking about. You may have bought new furniture and had it delivered to your new home, or have furniture that you need to reassemble. If so, you will find yourself quite disappointed when you realize that you left the tools you needed behind.  Remember to pack them all up in a toolbox. Do not forget nails, screws, drywall anchors and other fasteners either.

Wall and Door Hooks

These items are easy to overlook, but you will certainly miss having that hook to place your towels, jeans or purses in your new home. Remember to check all walls and the backs of doors before you clear out of your home for good.

Other People’s Things

This one is not really about making sure you pack it, but really about making sure you return it. Do you still have your cousin’s cooler from that day at the beach? Still got an exes’ sweater? Then you know what we are going to say. Return it.


From those tiny PO Box keys, to the key to your sister’s house, there are possibly dozens of mysterious keys strewn about your home. Be sure you do a thorough inspection for keys before you lock up your old home; you do not want to find that two months down the road you have lost the key to your bike lock.


Pack a dedicated “First Aid” box, while on the move. Prescription medications should be first on the list, also remember over-the-counter necessities such as your allergy medicine, Tylenol, Neosporin, Tums, etc.

Shower Curtain

There is probably nothing as awkward as showering without a curtain, especially when you are trying to scrub off the dirt from a long moving day. Avoid drowning your new bathroom by remembering to bring your old curtain, or pack a new one.


Alright, perhaps there is one thing more awkward than showering without a curtain.

Toilet paper

While on the topic of bathroom dilemmas, do not forget the TP either. Often disregarded, infinitely vital. Save yourself an extra trip and grab a couple rolls before you go.

Chargers and Other Plug-ins

Like the typical human being, you probably have a ton of orphan chargers and plugs. It is quite alright if you do not have the time to sort them all before you move; just remember to pack them all in a separate electronics bag or box.


Fan of the show Friends? Remember that episode when Joey’s fridge malfunctioned, and he ate everything in it so that it would not expire? We are not telling to do that. But just because you are moving does not mean you have to toss everything; pack some snacks for the tip and post-move-in fete appetizers; you are certainly going to be famished.

Final Tip: Don’t Move the Things That You Don’t Want.

Moving is the absolute best time to declutter. If you do not see yourself using an item in your new home, make life easier for yourself and throw those items. Chances are you will not regret it.

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