Top 5 Tips for Proper Bike Storage

If you are a cycle enthusiast, chances are you have made a pretty serious investment in your bicycle and you look forward to the warm summer months so that you can take your baby out for a spin. Cycling is great for commuting to work, leisure activities, and of course keeping fit. This is all great during the summer but what happens when the snow comes? You don’t want to expose y our bike to the harsh winter elements! This is the time of year most cyclist start to consider storage for their bikes. Luckily we have some times on proper bike storage to maximize your space and keep your bike in top shape.

1)      Hang it up to provide extra space and avoid your bike getting in your way during everyday activities. This is especially handy if you have really long hallways or extra garage space.

2)      Put your bike in park for the winter if you live in a condo or building with parking and you don’t own a car then you can put your bike in your parking space with a hefty lock and chain to prevent theft.

3)      Use any free space you have available. If you’re like most Canadians, your home has some unused space if you really take a look creatively at things. Think about some spaces you may have around the house where you could store your bike for the winter months without causing too much grief – for many people under the stairs works in some cases.

4)      Close off a room by placing your bike as a section ending in an open concept room.

5)      Or you can just store it for the winter months. A climate-controlled storage unit in Ottawa will provide secure and spacious room for your bike during the bitter cold winter months. This is especially useful if multiple members of your family have bikes that will need storing during the winter season.

If you’re looking to store your bike this season, give us a call.