Use Your Storage Unit for Seasonal Peace of Mind

Spring is coming and after the winter everyone in Ottawa is surely ready for the flowers to start budding, the birds to start chirping and of course the warmer weather to return. With the warmer weather comes the time to put away our winter clothing, shovels and bring out the patio furniture. So where do all of these things go or come from in between and during seasons? This is where an Ottawa storage unit can come in very handy and provide you with some peace of mind living in less clutter. In between seasons when you and your family aren’t wearing all of your winter boots and coats and scarves etc. you can pack them up in clear containers and drop them off at your local storage facility in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Just Right Self Storage has affordable storage units for your seasonal items so that you can free up space in your home instead of storing all of these items that you won’t need for several months. Plus the constant reminder of winter can put a damper on Spring and Summer festivities. In addition to your winter clothing, your other winter gear such as shovels and even snowblowers can be stored safely and securely in your storage unit. Then when winter returns you simply pick them up and replace them with your outdoor summer furniture so you will keep everything in rotation as the seasons change.

So when Spring returns and it is time to bring out the outdoor furniture you can simply pull into our central drive-thru lane and load up your vehicle with your outdoor furniture ready for the season. We have storage units of all different sizes as well so whether you have a lot of seasonal clothing or just a little we have the perfect storage unit for your needs.

It can even be helpful if you are working with a budget to get some of your neighbours on board and offer to store their items for the season in your storage unit as well. You can split the cost with each other and all take advantage of the seasonal peace of mind knowing that your items are tucked away safely in a climate-controlled storage facility ready for the next season. Of course there would be one main account holder but you can always add an authorized person to the account.

In addition to just the seasonal storage of these items you can also store many other items such as sporting equipment, skis, snowboards etc. that will only be used for certain periods of the year. So rather than placing your bicycle under your stair case storage with a hundred other items piled on top of it, store your bicycle safely over the winter in a place that will be easy to access when the biking season returns. Our storage facility is very easy to access from all points of the city so you will be amazed that you actually start using your bicycle more than you did when it was stored under your staircase.

Further more, our self storage Ottawa prices are very affordable and we can help you calculate the appropriate amount of storage space you will need based on the items you plan to store with us. That way you get the correct amount of store space without overpaying for something you have been sold on that you don’t need. Of course when you would need a large storage unit we have those too and we have some great storage promotions running right now. Visit our Ottawa storage promotions page to get more details and see what great storage pricing options are available.