Very Useful Shoe Storage Tips For Your Closet

Keeping your closet organized and clean is one of the surest ways to make life a little bit easier for you, especially on days when you’re in a rush or in dire need of something you packed away. This is really great for your shoe closet – in that it remains organized, but it also ensures that your shoes stay in the best condition possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.


  • First of all, consider your entire closet and do your packing based on that. You need to figure out how your closet is functioning on a whole so that you don’t put other items out of place.


  • Now, consider the visibility and accessibility of the items in your closet when attending to shoe storage. Make it easy to see and identify your shoes – instead of storing them under hanging clothes, place them in clear drawers or boxes.


  • Take a closer look at your options for shoe storage. Figure out which one is right for you, by asking yourself what style you like, where you’re planning to store your shoes, what kind of shoes you have, and how many pairs of shoes you need to store.


  • The next things you need to do is to prioritize your collection of shoes. Place the shoes that you use most often on lower shelves and store the shoes you wear less often, in clear shoe boxes.


  • Use shoe trees to outfit your shoes and keep them in shape and to prevent them from getting cracks and creases.  


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