Ways to Get Organised For Fall

Dismiss from your mind your plans for spring cleaning and first-of-the-year organizing routines, because as it turns out, the autumn is also a great season to get your life and home in order.

This notion is not surprising since fall is the back-to-school season for children, and at the same time, most businesses are kicking into high gear after a slow summer. Fall can be considered a natural start to the year because it is when a lot of things in life begin.

Here are four areas to help you get your fall cleaning started:

Spruce Up Your Entryway

Fashion a warm landing area for your family members. You may opt to remove your shoe rack there since most people do not take the time to set their shoes on a shelf.

You can, as an alternative, buy an attractive basket to corral footwear. It may not look perfect, but it will be better than having shoes all over the floor.

Mount hooks low enough for your children to hang their knapsacks and coats, and declutter the entryway once a week so you do not end up overloaded hooks. Only keep things that are actively in use in your landing space.

Clear Out Clothing Clutter

It generally takes longer to get ready in the morning during the school year than during the summer. By getting your clothes and other items in order, you can help set your mornings in order. Inspect gloves, coats, and boots to ensure they fit and are in decent shape.

Sort out summer clothes, and consider donating those your child will outgrow within the next year.
If you would like to create an easy mix-and-match wardrobe for you and your family, take record of all your fall pieces and look for a dominant colour. Design a simple colour palette, and use it to create at least two weeks of outfits that will make it much easier to get everyone dressed and out the door in the morning.


Reclaim Your Rooms

Are you using a room in your home the gather all your unused clutter?


Consider this, if you are using rooms for storage, you may have too many things. Persuade yourself to declutter by thinking about how you and your family will enjoy that reclaimed room. A playroom? Family room? Or even an art studio.

Bring Order to Your Garage


Fall is an excellent time to tidy up your garage. Stowaway cumbersome summer recreational items and beach gear so they do not clutter your garage.

If you have a loft, store your bulky items that are not too heavy there. Use a garbage can or suitable container to store your pool noodles, and for smaller seasonal items, simple plastic storage totes that can stack neatly will work.

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