Weird Stuff Found In Storage Units

When you go to your self-storage unit, you go to put things like furniture, tools, seasonal items/equipment and other stuff like that in there. You don’t think about going to the extreme right? You just want to store the regular stuff that you don’t have space for in your home or business place.
Well…not everyone seems to think of using their storage units that way. Here are some really odd things that have been found in self-storage units.

• The first thing isn’t even a thing – it’s a human being. A burglar was found in the storage units in St. Joseph, Missouri. Sometime in 2011, Ronald R. Dennis figured that stealing from the storage units would be a great idea. Bad move, Ronald. After Ronald slithered his way into the unit, a security guard saw the door slightly open. After he found that he could get it to open more, he decided to shut it. That same security guard heard the sounds of poor Ronald trying to escape later on and called the police.

• Another thing found in a storage unit was James Bond’s Submarine Car. In the year 1989, a man paid less than $100 to buy over the contents of a Long Island facility storage unit. Imagine his luck when he found a white sports car, covered in blankets, with a dented roof and sans wheels. After driving the car home, he was told that the car was actually one which was used by James Bond in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” The car had been the long lost 8th car (7 of a total of 8 cars had been accounted for). He was paid almost a million dollars for it by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla.

• After a man bought the contents of a storage locker in San Fernando Valley, he found “Action Comics No. 1” – the first Superman comic book. He didn’t even sell it when he found out that it was a copy that was stolen from the actor Nicolas Cage’s home in the year 2000. The actor had purchased the book in 1995 and it was now at an approximate value of $1 million.

• All of Burt Reynolds’ memories were found in a storage unit. He stored up all the artifacts and memorabilia of his life and his movie tenure. He defaulted on his payments in the year 1999 and his storage unit contents were auctioned.

• In 2011, Allen Haff and Clinton Jones, of Auction Hunters bid $1500 for a storage unit’s contents. Inside it, they found a NASA countdown clock and a rocket. The two took it to a space memorabilia expert to make sure the two items were legitimate and then they sold it.

• Shannon Whisnant purchased a storage unit in an auction in 2007 and found a meat smoker. No, that’s not the best part – the best part is, when he opened the lid of it, he found…a human leg! Yum. Apparently, the leg and the storage unit was originally owned by John Wood. He lost the leg in a plane crash and the unit after he fell behind on his payments. His aim was to keep the leg in the unit so that he could eventually be buried with it (wow…talk about attachment). When the leg was discovered, it was sent to a funeral home, but then after a long, dispute (and a TV court hearing on “Judge Grey Mathis”) between Whisnant and Wood over the leg, it was returned to Wood.

• …and to top off the weirdest things ever found in a storage unit, in 2012, a Florida family discovered that the dead body of their grandmother had been kept in a storage unit. The family discovered this when their mother revealed her secret on her deathbed. Bobbie Bennett Hancock said that when her 95-year-old Ann Bunch died in a nursing home, Bobbie said that she would take care of everything. Unfortunately, she explained, a dysfunctional truck and rainstorms prevented her from burying Ann – that’s why she took her mom’s body to the storage unit. However, Bobbie’s ex-son-in-law said to the New York Times, that the real reason is “grief and hoarding tendencies” and “Bobbie had trouble facing the fact that her mother was gone”.

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