What To Do With Your Decorations After Halloween

It’s isn’t yet that ghastly, ghoulish time, that’s filled with frights, delights (candy) and pumpkins. Still, we don’t think it’s too early to give you some tips on how to store away your gut wrenchingly terrifying Halloween decorations. You don’t want to have all that creepy stuff lying around the house after the scary season has gone – we’re pretty sure your post-Halloween guests won’t exactly be impressed. You also want to ensure that your items are safe and sound and in good condition for the next Halloween season.
So here’s what you do…

• You designate a storage spot: Appoint a location that’s only for your decorations. That way, everyone knows where to put their stuff when they’re finished using it. That way, things won’t get lost or forgotten. You will save lots of time and energy when you have a specific space chosen for the storage of your items.

• You need storage bins: Plastic bins are really great for cleaning up. They keep your decorations in good condition so that you have no problem with them in the next season. You can get plastic storage bins just about anywhere.

• You must label everything: If you want to be able to identify the contents of your different storage bins faster and easier, you just have to label the bins. You’ll know which decorations go in which bins, so there will be less confusion.

• You must store similar decorations together: Store similar things in the same place. Get a bin for all your bats; get one for all your witch hats; get one for all your spider surprises. It’ll help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

• You need to store properly: Always place the heavier, larger bins or boxes at the bottom and the lighter, smaller ones at the top. You don’t want things toppling over nor do you want fragile items getting destroyed.

• You need to get rid of unwanted decorations: If you don’t want it, don’t like it or it’s simply no good to you anymore, then either throw it away or recycle it so that you can use it later on. You can even donate some of them to charities too. If you keep something that you won’t use, then it will only stay there and use up storage space, which you need.

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