Where is the warehouse space downtown for your growing business

So your business is booming and you are selling more widgets online with your brand new website and everything is going great. You are looking at expanding and your business is outgrowing your current office space in Ottawa and the closet sized storage that you have in your office. So what do you do? You can upgrade to a larger office but that will add thousands of dollars to your overhead each month plus you don’t really need the extra space for office staff; rather it is for the storage of your products during the sales cycle. There is some great storage space downtown in Ottawa that can help solve your problem.

Don’t Upgrade Your Office, Get Self Storage Instead

At this stage of the game it is likely more important for your business to keep your expenses down and rather than taking out a new lease on a larger office space you can get the same benefits of extra storage space for your growing inventory with the convenient location of a downtown storage facility at a much more affordable investment than a new office.

Plus you’ll save on moving costs and with our promotions you can even move in for only $1.

It is an increasingly common issue with modern businesses and the open market of global commerce that sales come in from around the world and the need for storing inventory grows with ecommerce business models. The advantage of a storage unit in Ottawa is that you can access your inventory any time of day/night and you know that your products are secure with state of the art security, on-site staff, and climate control with 15 HVAC units for optimal humidity controlled storage.

So before you sign that new lease, consider self storage in Ottawa for your business needs and your product inventory and give us a call, email, or use our handy space calculator to see how much storage space you will need.